Friday, January 21, 2011

A typical day for me.

You know how in movies you see the girl waking up looking completely refreshed? Every strand of hair in place, makeup flawless, the cutest jammies, her breath doesnt stink because the guy she just woke up beside wants to passionatley make out with her... ugh negative. When I wake up its the complete opposite I've got the nappiest head, booger's in my eyes not to mention a little crusted slobber on my chin, my make up from the night before is smeared plum across my face, I'm missing one earring but have somehow managed to keep my nose ring in tact and in my nose.. My jammies DO NOT match, I'm wearing one sock, and my breath is something close to a mixture of the toothpaste I brushed my teeth with the night before and the funk that has settled over night. This is just a typical morning for me not to mention that I wake up with just enough time to dress, brush and jet out the door just to make it to work on time. I'm in dyer need of a new routine and possibly a bull horn for an alarm clock maybe then I can wake up and turn my swag on. Why can't I be like soulja boy?